MMR does not equal ALL vaccines / ASD Kids with Seizures Subset

This makes me very sad because I Love(d) Wired Magazine: A Short History of Vaccine Panic by Amy Wallace.

Amy, the MMR vaccine does not equal all vaccines!

All I do know is that our lives changed on September 27, 2001 when our daughter had her 4 month vaccines. That’s when we had the first seizure of what is as of yesterday 350 or so, so far.

This was promptly written off as “just febrile, 1 in a million that she’ll have another.” The doctors were all of the “no big deal” opinion. When we requested our medical records a few months ago, we saw that they actually wrote “febrile seizure, if it was even a seizure.”

No more seizures until the next day we received vaccines at 8 months. THE DAY. That’s when all hell broke loose in the seizure department. She had some VERY long seizures. Seizures over 5 minutes can cause brain damage.

1/3 of kids with autism have seizures. The fact that these kids are just assumed to be the same as cases with no seizures, shows that this issue is much more complex and there are very specific subsets of autism that shouldn’t be ignored.

In our case, I suspect vaccine = seizures; extended seizures and/or seizure meds = autism. It’s just not as simple as “vaccines don’t cause autism.”

I don’t see that any vaccine adverse event report was ever submitted on us at 4 months or 8 months, even though we spent a week in the hospital after the second round of vaccines.

Visit the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and see for yourself that vaccine injuries are real. Specifically, look at the seizures reported from the DTaP.

On that 4 month day, 9/27/2001, she received the following:

* DTaP (SmithKline, Lot # 998A2)

* Comvax (Merck, Lot # 1827K)

* IPV (Pasteur, Lot # 81556)

* Prevnar (Lederle, Lot # 481556)

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  1. This is a very valid post about opening the bigger picture on other possible vaccines, seizures and Autism. Also you post indicates how children can react adversely to chemical entering the body.

    As dad with two sons (one with ASD, the younger not ASD), I’ve been avoiding looking at the MMR arguement. As I can also interpret other sources for my son’s Autism, genetics and perhaps exposure to daily toxins whch don’t affect other kids. i’m fortunate, as my son has visibly had any seizures. Alhtough there is family history of my sister having seizures (epilectic ones).

    best wishes

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