GPS Locator for your child with autism?

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nu·m8 (pronounced new-mate) is the world’s first and smallest GPS locator device specifically designed with children in mind. nu·m8 is a watch that conceals GSM and GPS modules that enable you to locate your child, whenever you feel you need to know, via the internet or through your mobile phone (SMS/Text).

Give Your Kids Freedom… and You Peace of Mind

nu·m8 is the first GPS locator that actually locates your child not just the device through a unique and patented mechanism. Unlike other devices, nu·m8 can not be forgotten in a bag, lunchbox or jacket. Should the nu·m8 watch be removed unexpectedly, you will receive an email and / or SMS alert.

When you register your nu·m8, you indicate the mobile number and email address that it will respond to. Once nu·m8 is on your child’s wrist and activated, you can locate them anytime in two ways: 1) Using the customer portal at and view their current location on a map, OR 2) Receive their location via text message using your mobile phone.

You can also set pre-determined “Safe Zones” for your child to play in. Should they move out of this area you will receive an alert to inform you this has happened. nu·m8 utilizes GPS and GSM technology to locate your child indoors, outdoors, in the US as well as globally.

nu·m8 requires a monthly subscription to the Lok8u pinpoint services in order to send unlimited location requests–via the web or your mobile phone.

Know Where They Are
Simply connect to the lok8u customer portal from your PC or text message from your mobile phone to locate your child, anytime, anywhere.
Instant Alerts if Removed
If the strap of your child’s nu·m8 is opened without your authority, an immediate alert is sent via SMS and email to warn you this has happened.
Set Your Own Boundaries
The “Safe Zone” feature allows you to easily set your own defined area by time and day. An immediate alert is sent via SMS and email to inform you if your child strays outside this area.

5 Responses to “GPS Locator for your child with autism?”

  1. Based on my personal experience: Not waterproof? forget it. An e-mail notice when removed? by the time you open it the child and device could be miles apart.
    $179, +s/h, +monthly subscription? Sorry, fully invested in therapy and damage repair.
    And, icing on the cake: my child would not tolerate wearing it from the start… just another way to part parents from their money, if you ask me.

  2. Agree on the waterproof, but you can get email or text to phone almost instantly. We used an Ion Kids device a few years ago that was a watch, but not GPS. It just told you when kid went out of range and then helped you find when he/she did. The watch was not an issue once my daughter wore it for awhile. Ion Kids also made a waterproof one which was nice.

  3. I have sold amber alert gps to several parents with autistic kids. They love it. You can read the review at Its a review site for autistic parents

  4. this is cool gadget… is there any side effect for the use of this GPS for autism? thanks in advance

  5. My name is Sherry. My child’s name is Trevor, he has severe Autism. Trevor is also mute and cannot respond to simple questions or even his name. He has a very bad problem with running away and will not stop when called. He is very very fast !!!! Trevor does not understand what Danger is and is unable to comprehend that cars kill !! This is a mothers worst nightmare, a nightmare I cannot wake from. Its very hard to constantly keep his hand in mine every second when we walk out the door. I fear, God Forbid he may one day escape the safe clutches of my hand and run like he always try’s. I need a back up plan like your wonderful GPS, something like this would be Heaven Sent but I cannot ever afford such a luxury, well in this case it would be a necessity. Would you please help me and my child and maybe consider donating one to us. I would be ever so grateful !!!!! Thank you and God Bless You All. Sincerely, Sherry

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