Autism Murder Suicide Revisited

The post on Autism Murder Suicides continues to get comments.  Sadly, Lucinda pretty much sums up what a lot of parents are thinking here …

As I am a single mother of a boy with autism I would never kill him. I do though think of killing myself. This is a black hole that one just cannot dig themselves out of, it is no way to live. Yes he has many talents and is good at them. Yes he has a future. Unfortunately he will alwqays need an aide, and who will step up and do that? Anyone who I can trust when I’m gone? The answer is no and there lies the doom and gloom. A constant state of doom and gloom of my reality takes hold and never lets you go.  Do not make comments unless you are in the same position and live with this day in and day out for 16 years. After you do that, then comment away. Until then keep your trap shut!

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The Autism Retort

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911 Call from “Mom” who kills her kids with autism …

Deja Vu …

By James Rose | KDFW – FOX 4 – Dallas Forth Worth

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Autism Murder Suicides

I am sick and frickin’ tired of seeing these autism murder suicides.  Mom or Dad can’t take it any more.  Can’t bear to think of how their child’s life will end up, decides to off everyone involved.  For some reason, these people who are good at killing their children, often screw it up and survive themselves.  How convenient.

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