Baby dies after 4 month vaccination


Our daughter started having seizures (300+ and holding) after the 4 month vaccinations.  Why are we off our rocker crazy for seeing a link, when we know this kind of thing can happen.  I guess this baby was a another statistic for the vaccine manufacturers and your federal government.  More collateral damage in a long history of collateral damage.

A four month old boy has died following routine, AAP recommended vaccinations, at the Genesis Pediatric practice in Silvis, Illinois.  The AAP schedule at four months calls for five jabs, dispensing seven vaccinations which include vaccinophile Dr. Paul Offit’s RotaTeq Rotavirus vaccine, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib), Pneumococcal and Inactivated Poliovirus. Additionally, a second Hepatitis B may follow the birth or two month shot.

The Genesis Healthcare pediatric offices (in the Quad Cities area which is in Iowa and Illinois, in the American midwest) have HALTED their vaccination program.


Cluster of “SIDS” deaths in north Idaho prompt parents to blame vaccines; doctors, government deny vaccine link

Shelly Walker of Coeur d’Alene holding her healthy baby boy Vance before he suddenly became very ill and died at four months—two days after being vaccinated—in September, 2007. Two other babies died shortly after receiving shots administered at the same clinic.The deaths of three infants in Coeur d’Alene in September and October, 2007, within a few days of their four- month vaccines, prompted one of the mothers to fight back. 

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  1. My four month old had his vaccines a week ago tuesday. Since he has been behaving out of the ordinary. He is much fussier than ordinary and doesn’t want to play much at all. What are some symptoms I should look for if there are any complications.

  2. Not to alarm you, but it sounds like the onset of autism. I’d have him checked for this right away!

  3. Hi Erric,
    I recommend you consult a classical homoeopath to anti-dote the vaccination; do this right away. Also, make sure that your child doesn’t get any more vaccines, as further vaccination after a vaccine reaction puts a child at risk of serious brain-damage.

    Actually, NO child should EVER ever be vaccinated, full stop. ALL vaccines are useless and dangerous. Do some research. I recommend the ‘Vaccination Information Network’ on facebook, or check out,, or the ‘Gary Whale’ website. The Canadian Vaccine Reaction Awareness Network (VRAN) also has some excellent information. Also, check out concerning vaccine exemptions.

    My e-mail address is if you have any questions.

    All the best! .


    This is the link for our story regarding Cameron passing
    10-2008–mother went to hospital for had an undetermined infection and was dialated to 2 CM. She was given several medications including vaccines.After 2 weeks she was released on bed rest.

    11-18-08 A specialist performing his monthly ultrasound (He came once a month from 300 miles away) indicates Cameron Bruce, which was the smaller of our lovely twins, had a low heart rate and that if we didn’t induce labor he was afraid he would pass away. He indicated if one passed away they normally both would.

    11-19-08 Mother, Elizabeth, admitted to Rapid City Regional Hospital.

    11-20-08 After given medications to induce labor (month before given medications to stop it) She birthed our IDENTICAL twin boys, Dalton Bruce who weighed 4 pounds even and Cameron Bruce who weighed 2 pounds 13 oz.

    Mid Dec 2008 Dalton released
    Mid Dec 2008 Cameron was still recovering from feeding problems, blood transfusion

    1-4-09 Cameron given his 2nd Hep B shot although lost weight again from previous day
    1-5-09 Cameron was released from the NICU by a reluctant Dr. Kovarik
    1-5-09–within minutes of getting Cameron home he stopped breathing (2nd Hep B given 24 hours before). We should have taken him back to hospital but we were uneducated and the Dr told us before we left NICU that periodic breathing is normal and as long as he started breathing then everything would be ok. After approximately 20-30 seconds he started breathing and after monitoring we felt he was ok.

    week later was treated for first treatment for Thrush

    1-15-09 treated for 2nd time (prescription even called in in the wrong twin’s name).
    1-15-09 also given Prevnar and Pentacel 3-in-1 Vaccines

    1-25-09 Took Cameron in to Urgent care to Pediatric Clinic for poor feeding and weight gain problems

    1-30-09 911 call made for stopped breathing

    2-1-09 DSS took our surviving twin from us indicating the Medical Examiner indicates consistent with Shaken Baby/Head Impact

    5-27-09 over 300 hours of research done by father (me). The Pediatrician and the N.I.C.U. doctor happens to be the same person with the 3rd position of Medical Examiner….

    Read our story of injustice at

    We have Dr. Harold Buttram and 100 other medical professionals in contact and evaluating medical records. We are victims of what we believe is an inadequate medical doctor giving way too many vaccines to an already sick and weak immune prone infant that was fighting for his life even before he was delivered and in addition to all the other medications and medical conditions led to him passing. This would be sad enough if it ended there. Now they want to blame one or both of the parent.s. This is injustice at it’s worst.

    Say a prayer for us and for all the children who we can’t prevent from having this vicous vaccines.

  5. Please visit my web site- my daughter died 24 hours after being injected with vaccines. I have a lot of information there.
    Best wishes to you all.

  6. Both my daughters after there 4mtg vaccines ended up in hospital fighting for there lives with bowel problems. My 2yr 8mth old now. at the time a few days after needles had intussusceptipn and my 4 mth old now has just come home from hospital from what they said was salmonella but she is completely breastfed and I have not been sick

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